Chadburn “Burna Music” Buxton

chadprofileBorn Chadburn Won Buxton to a Korean lady pimp immigrant and a busted out naval officer (who clearly has attachment issues) in early April of 1985. Musical background full of classical and modern alternatives. Classically trained on piano in Korea for 5 years, saxophone and light drum work. He started writing and producing musical works in the mid 2000 era of music and began taking it seriously since 2010. Although still considered a young producer he has been blessed with working with many talented artists such as: The Jacka (RIP), Young Bleed, Brotha Lynch Hung, Bone Crusher, a few artists from Strange Music and the list keeps going. He’s well versed in engineering and beat production in many different musical genres aside from rap/hip hop.

“Music is life..” -Chadburn Buxton

He was dubbed “Burna” by his colleagues as early as 2003 and added “Music” afterwards due to copyright/trademark purposes. He’s been active as Burna Music for nearly a decade and will be until further notice. In late 2015 he teamed up with friends/musicians Tyler “TK” Keast and Stephen “Rasta” Mann and started SEMPRE SOUND LAB (SSL) and have been growing stronger as the months pass. And now.. The saga continues..